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Red Dead Redemption 2- nothing less than perfection

What can I say about this game? When I want to explain to someone why I love a game so much, I can’t shut up about it. I will go on and on as to why I think a certain game is perfection. But this game? It left me speechless. I could tell you about how the plotline rivals your biggest A-list westerns and actual feels like you’re in a movie, about how this gorgeous open world makes you want to just explore and take in the view, about how the game feels so real and alive that you’d think for a second that you are there, but honestly words can’t do justice to what a masterpiece this game is.

This game is perfection, let me try my best to give you a gist as to why:

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Source: C0rvus's PS4


For those of you who haven’t played the first game, be warned there are spoilers ahead.

The game is actually set 12 years before the events of the first game where you play as Arthur Morgan a member of the Van Der Lind gang and the plotline revolves around their exploits. And to be honest I was a little concerned about the fact that already knowing the fate and demise of certain characters would deter me from enjoying the story, that a sense of futility would always be in the air. But this futility just added to the beauty of this story. Just because you know how a story ends, it doesn’t make the journey to that end any less beautiful, and that is definitely the case for this game. The beautifully woven plotline with cinematic cut-scenes honestly made me feel like I was in a western. And when I got to the end, I couldn’t help but shed a tear. And with the game giving you multiple dialogue options you can choose what sort of character you play as, be it the righteous gunslinger or the infamous renegade.

I can honestly say with the utmost of confidence that this is not a game, this is an experience.

(Image Credits: Rockstar Games)

Source: C0rvus's PS4


(Image Credits: Rockstar Games)

Source: C0rvus's PS4


Some people say that the RDR series is basically a wild-west version of GTA. I find that comparison both accurate as well as insulting. While yes it is an open sandbox much like that GTA series, there is so much more to this game and just calling it just that would be an insult to the work the developers put into making it. And there is so much to do in this game aside from just progressing through the story. From completing bounties for the sheriffs, hunting animals for food and skins, to playing poker with residents this game has it all. Even fishing!

You can tell that the developers worked their damned hardest to give you such a realistic and immersive game, from doing chores at camp, cleaning your gun, caring for your horse, making sure that you eat every day, and even regularly getting a haircut and shaving your beard because your hair grows over time.

This might seem tedious at first glance, but trust me it does not deter you from from enjoying the game, it just adds to the immersion.

And with the cinematic mode that you can activate while riding, there are just times you want to ignore everything and just take the beautiful sights

(Image Credits: Rockstar Games)

Source: C0rvus's PS4


Also keep in mind that your actions in this game have consequences, with a realistic twist. Committing a crime can lead to you being wanted by authorities which puts a bounty on your head, and returning to an area where you are wanted lead to being attacked by authorities, but that is only if there is someone to witness the crime and report it.

By getting far away from the scene of the crime before being seen, by silencing or eliminating witnesses, and by paying off your bounty you can avoid persecution.

But keep in mind that there’s another mechanic called the honor system. Where,by doing bad deeds like robbing and even decisions you make through the course of the plot can affect you negatively. On the other hand, your good deeds and actions increase your reputation affecting how people react to you as well as giving you certain rewards like discounts at shops.

It is kind of like the system in inFamous.


I said this game is an immersive experience, and the combat is a major reason too.

You can channel your inner gunslinger and feel like Clint Eastwood gunning down his enemies. And its even got a first person mode

The combat of this is game is very akin to the original, with a wide array of guns to choose from you can decide for yourself how to engage the enemy. Whether it is using a rifle from a safe distance, shotgunning your enemies at point blank range or going old school and using your revolvers, the combat is very satisfying.

Using your eagle-eye to take down multiple enemies never gets old.

You also have other tools in your arsenal like a lasso and dynamite to give you even more options.

(Image Credits: Rockstar Games)

Source: C0rvus's PS4


Immersive realistic world and open sandbox

Satisfying combat

Beautifully woven plotline


Indigamer score: 10/10

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