Path Of Exile (PC) - A Diablo sequel that we always wanted.

Path Of Exile is an Online MMO ARPG, which is very disparate from other existing RPGs, The gameplay is kindred to Diablo, content-wise it is the most colossal game I have played, this is my experience from over 6000 hours of gameplay. Here we are going to be taking a closer look at some of the game's features.

(Image Credits: Grinding Gear Games) Source: Parag0n's Gaming PC

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(Image Credits: Grinding Gear Games) Source: Parag0n's Gaming PC

This game has a league system, consisting of a standard league and a temporary, periodic 3 month long league with special modifiers that impact the player's gameplay. Players create new characters in these special leagues, getting a fresh start and competing with other players to clear content and rule the economy, once these special leagues end, all the characters created in this league are transferred to the standard league. This system is efficient as it allows for a fresh economy, it helps new players to develop strategies to tackle content.

This game is completely free to play and there is no legal way to purchase in-game currency, a player can only legally purchase micro-transactions, vanities and extra stash slots.

Players are also allowed to select a hard-core option which makes it so that, once the player dies, that specific character will be transferred to the standard league, so it will be unplayable in any other leagues, of course there is also a soft-core option.


(Image Credits: Grinding Gear Games) Source: Parag0n's Gaming PC

When a player first starts the game, he is greeted by the create character option where the player is allowed to select his or her league, and whether the player prefers to play in a solo-self found mode, a mode where there is no option to trade and players have to obtain their items through crafting or obtaining it as drops from monsters, there is also an option to select whether the player prefers to play on a hard-core mode or a soft-core mode. The player has to decide between 7 different classes that later can ascend to 3 sub-classes each.

The Marauder, shadow, Templar, duelist, witch, ranger and scion. The scion is the only class which has only one ascendancy, this specific class can only be unlocked in a certain level in the story of the game, but once unlocked it can permanently be used in any league. Once the character is created the player ventures through a 10 act lore story-line, which when completed, the player progresses to 'epilogue' which is actually essentially, the starting of the game.

This  'epilogue' area is accessed only when the player defeats the final boss of act 10. This area establishes a mapping system where players run through imaginary dream-worlds, all these maps are connected and put together to form the atlas. Once the player completes certain areas in this atlas he is allowed to fight endgame bosses and entities such as The Elder or Shaper.

(Image Credits: Grinding Gear Games) Source: Parag0n's Gaming PC

Moving on to the currency and trading, the currency system in this game is one of the reasons which makes this game extremely unique, it introduces over 20 different currencies, these are also known as orbs, these orbs have their own unique property to craft modifiers on certain items and these orbs are also used to trade with other players for items. Players use the  or websites to search for items and trade with other players.

The game-play also introduces a lot of other systems like the infinite azurite depths, the pantheon, the menagerie, the labyrinth and much more.

Players are also allowed to have hideouts of their own which they can decorate.

The game also has a skill tree with over 1000 points which can be allocated, leading to the creation of thousands of different builds


(Image Credits: Grinding Gear Games) Source: Parag0n's Gaming PC

Path Of Exile doesn't necessarily have the best graphics, but the hardworking devs from Grinding Gear Games are constantly updating the game to have great lightning effects and a lot of details, the new upcoming expansions are apparently going to transmogrify the game with new graphics and other beautiful effects. Even now the graphics are amazing, just not yet comparable to the high end games that completely focus on graphics.


• Endless content.

• Extreme freedom of customization of characters.

 • Hundreds of different skills and builds.

• Huge skill tree.

• Free to play, no purchasable in-game currency.


Indigamer Score - 9.2/10

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