FIFA 20 (PS4) : First Impressions (Gameplay) , Online seasons and VOLTA Football .

FIFA 20 is EA's latest installment of the fifa series. Alex Hunter's journey came to an end in FIFA 19 and VOLTA Football is here to replace the Journey mode. Here we'll take a look at some of the basics of the game such as gameplay, Online seasons and VOLTA Football.

(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

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(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

That is D.Costa for you ladies and gentlemen! FIFA 20 has brought back the outer D Box offense in a whole new way. Accurately directed finesse shots with the right touch of power find their way into the back of the net with no problem!

(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

In Comparison to FIFA 19 , This feel of attacking feels more robust and fun to play all over again . Where as Midfield to D-Box aggression feels pretty much the same in terms of comparison between FIFA 19 and FIFA 20.

I Personally Prefer the 'Fast Build Up' style of attacking which can be selected in the 'Tactics' tab inside your Team Management menu.


(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

Defending in FIFA 20 feels a lot harder in my opinion and feels so much more difficult than its predecessor. The Defender's reaction time takes a little more than a second which is very crucial in certain tight situations. I found myself conceding goals to the opponent many times because of this factor (also because i have potato defense). I also noticed this to happen only during free runs and not while performing jockeys.

I am definitely not sure this issue is within the game itself or some other factor such as my TV or PS4 itself could be causing this. But this is noticeable only during defense and makes me lean towards concluding that it is in the game.

Apart from this, the defending system seems to be on point in FIFA 20.

I also would like to point that i found 'Press after possesion loss' in the 'Tactics' tab to be highly effective in terms of getting the ball back after losing the ball in a tight area.

Online Seasons

(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

Welcome to Online Seasons! This mode allows you to battle across 10 Divisions with random opponents across your continent starting from Division 10 all the way up to Division 1.

Once you've reached Division 1 you know you've worked hard and deserve to be there among the best in the game. The best of the best go on to win the Division 1 League Title.

In my opinion, It felt as if Division 3 is where i initially couldn't cope up with the change in difficulty after getting promoted to Division 3. Division 3 to Division 1 seemed to move along with a consistent pace and difficulty of opponents.

The same fashion of Online Seasons can be played in a Co-op form factor (2v2) with a friend against another 2 random opponents where there are 5 Divisions for you and your buddy to conquer.


(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

Like i had previously mentioned, Alex Hunter's journey came to it's grand finale in FIFA 19 . VOLTA Football is a completely new take on the continuation of the journey mode. It is a humble recreation of the classic FIFA Street series where we can now create a custom player and play through the leagues.

(Image credits - EA SPORTS) Source: LiquidSnak3's PS4

Once Again, FIFA has recreated this style of street football once again in an all new system of gameplay. The only drawback in my opinion to this street feature is that i miss the original right analog being the dedicated trick stick from the classic FIFA Street series which was used to do some insane tricks for which we were given points and of course 'GAMEBREAKER' which allowed players to shoot from one goal post to the other using any player and you'd mostly end up scoring a goal! Safe to say the fantasy features of the classic FIFA Street series are now tuned to a sense of realism.


  • Great overall gameplay despite the delayed response in defense

  • VOLTA Football is definitely a great new addition to FIFA 20 after Alex Hunter's Journey.

  • FIFA always knows how to pick its music list for it's main menus.

  • Online seasons is highly competitive and poses great challenges before you conquer all 10 Divisions.

  • I cannot with certain confidence pick which is the best team. - PLEASE DO LEAVE BELOW IN THE COMMENTS ON WHAT YOU THINK IS THE BEST TEAM ON FIFA 20 !


Indigamer Score - 8.5/10

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