Control (PS4) : A minimalist's artistic paradise and reality bender.

Control was released In August,2019 by Remedy Entertainment who also made 'Alan Wake' and 'Quantum Break'. I did not get a chance to complete the game till recently. It was by far one of the most best games I had played due to it's unique game-play and gorgeous graphics which was very immersive. Let's take a closer look at game.

Note: I also recommend you to play the story for the full experience and hence will not be writing about it here.

(Image Credits: Remedy Entertainment)

Source: LiquidSnak3's PlayStation 4


Psychic Abilities:

(Image Credits: Remedy Entertainment)

Source: LiquidSnak3's PlayStation 4

Jesse acquires reality-bending psychic abilities as we progress through the game. These abilities can be used in combat and to solve puzzles in your journey.

The Psychic Abilities you will unlock are:

  • Launch - The Image above demonstrates the Launch ability. Jesse is able to pick up objects and launch them with high force.

  • Evade - Used to dodge attacks quickly.

  • Sheild - Jesse uses the Shield ability to defend herself from enemy attacks.

  • Levitate - Jesse's Levitation allows to you to reach platforms out of reach and also explore the map efficiently.

  • Seize - Jesse can turn low health enemies into allies for a limited period of time using her Seize ability


(Image Credits: Remedy Entertainment)

Source: LiquidSnak3's PlayStation 4

Jesse is equipped with only 1 handgun for the entirety of the game. But the Director's Pistol is much more than an ordinary handgun. It can take many forms which have to be purchased as we progress through the game. The Service Weapons 5 different forms are:

  • Spin -An SMG form factor the Director's Pistol. (Can be modded for more efficieny)

  • Shatter - A Shotgun form factor where jesse can close up on her enemies where possible and fire a burst of bullets which deals great damage.

  • Grip - The default base form of the Pistol. When the game begins, Jesse is equipped with this semi automatic setting for the Pistol.

  • Pierce - My personal favorite is this one. It is Jesse's Sniper variant of the Pistol which deals high damage and can also be used for close range shots too.

  • Charge - Charge is the rocket launcher form factor of the Pistol. It can take out a bunch of enemies at once or it can hurt Jesse when used inappropriately.


(Image Credits: Remedy Entertainment)

Source: LiquidSnak3's PlayStation 4

Control's graphics are an absolute visual treat. The game offers minimalistic settings where Jesse has to explore. While progressing through Jesse's Journey, you will see that there are beautiful landscapes such as the above image which just make you want to take some time to admire the serenity of the game. Control won 'The Game Award for Best Art Direction' and I feel it was very well deserved.

(Image Credits: Remedy Entertainment)

Source: LiquidSnak3's PlayStation 4

The Motion Blur is so refined for the game it looks like an animated movie during Jesse's free movement and also during combat. Some of the cut scenes of the game are fantastically made and not much of video type cut-scenes, Most cut-scenes are animated so that you enjoy those extra frames per second along with those gorgeous graphics.

What came across as a surprise is that playing this game on the PlayStation 4 felt close to flawless for someone who enjoys pc gaming more due to the difference in FPS. But i say close to flawless as i noticed in some areas it felt rather laggy and felt like my PlayStation 4 just could not handle this game but this was only about 3-4 times from start to finish.


  • Fantastic Storyline - I skipped writing about it for a reason and recommend everyone out here to play and enjoy it.

  • Amazing game-play with great maps to explore and puzzles to solve.

  • Gorgeous graphics and well defined details of the environment and enemies.

  • We feel it truly deserved 'The Game Award for Best Art Direction'.

  • Control is a fantastic game overall and we just cant get enough !


Indigamer Score - 9.5/10

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