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Brawlhalla (PS4): Free-To-Play Fun for All Ages.

Missing smash brothers? this free-to-play game is here to fill that void. Brawlhalla is a fun 2D fighting game very similar to smash bros but with their own lineup of original characters. This game is perfect for the entire family to enjoy together. It is proof that you don’t need blood and gore, or groundbreaking graphics to make an enjoyable fighting game.

(Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games)

Source: C0rvus's PlayStation 4


Characters and variety:

(Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games)

Source: C0rvus's PlayStation 4

The game has an ever expansive roster of characters, each with two kinds of weapons with unique special moves. Aside from these special moves, the general moveset of each weapon-type is the same. i.e two characters having a spear type weapon will have their own unique special moves, but the same general moveset.

You have many weapon-types in the game which are spears, bows, pistols, katars, gauntlets, swords, hammers, scythes, cannons, and rocket lances(yes you read that correctly.)

Each week you get a different pool of characters to use, and the gold you get from playing matches lets you put a character permanently into your match pool.


(Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games)

Source: C0rvus's PlayStation 4

Brawlhalla is quite similar to smash brothers in its combat and objective, wherein you’re not trying to kill your opponent, but rather knock them off the arena.

But don’t let the cartoonish looks of the game fool you, fights can get very intense and keep you at the edge of your seat. It is hilariously fun and relentless, where no matter how many times you get knocked off you can always try your hardest to somehow get back into the arena.

(Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games)

Source: C0rvus's PlayStation 4

Each match starts off with players without their weapons. Regularly, weapon drops occur and the fight to get your weapon first just adds to the fun.

Aside from weapon drops you also get items like bombs which can be thrown at your opponent.


Aside from your general combat modes, there are many other fun gameplay modes you can try. They have their own version of football, basketball and many more!


  • Family friendly

  • Smooth combat

  • Multiple gameplay modes


Indigamer score - 8/10

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