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Bloodborne (PS4) - A masterpiece and why it's still relevant.

Welcome good hunter. What is it you desire?

Probably to know why the hell am I reviewing a game now that's been out for five years now.

And that is because that no matter how old it gets,I genuinely believe that this game is still relevant to this day as it was the day it released.

It is for all intents are purposes a true masterpiece.

And let us get into why.

(Image Credits: FromSoftware/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Source: C0rvus's PS4



(Image Credits: FromSoftware/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Source: C0rvus's PS4

Firstly,lets be honest, this game is not for the faint of heart. As some people call these games masochism simulators, its not surprising why. This game does not hold your hand. There is no autosave. And most importantly of all,you are going to die. multiple times, over and over. This is not something you can avoid. And as toxic is the community sounds when a new player asks for advice on how to beat a boss and get only a response of "Get Good", there is a lot of truth in that. With each time you die, you learn. You learn exactly what to do and how to respond the next. And trust me when you finally kill that boss you will be overcome with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction like no other.

But let me be clear, this game is very difficult, but it isn't IMPOSSIBLY difficult. It is very fair in that regard and every time you do end up dying, you will know why. Whether its because you got greedy and tried to get in one strike too many , or when you timed your parry wrongly, you know that the only person you can blame is yourself.

The game-play is action-packed and fast-paced with a wide range of weapons and tools at your disposal. It encourages you to be aggressive rather than keep your distance. You have a wide range of weapons at your disposal which make the game-play feel so different with every weapon you choose to use.

I know that this sort of game isn't for everyone. But if you give this game a chance, take the time and recognise it's beauty and how FromSoftware has made a work of art that strays from all of today's gaming conventions, you'll realise that you got your hands on a true masterpiece.

Skill building and upgrading:

(Image Credits: FromSoftware/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Source: C0rvus's PS4

Aside from the the brilliant combat, this game game has a very elaborate building and crafting system. Skill points are assigned to various a stats and different combinations of stats lead to very different play-styles. For example you can add your points to your Strength to get the most out of your heavy weapons, Skill for your lighter weapons and Bloodtinge for your firearms etc. The possibilities are endless and if it all seems overwhelming you could always look up build-guides online.

(Image Credits: FromSoftware/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Source: C0rvus's PS4

Aside from your skills you can upgrade your weapons with Bloodstone Shards and Blood Gems you find throughout the game, these improve the stats of your weapons and can work in synergy with the build you choose.

And trust me when you got the right build that perfectly suits your play-style it makes your game-play a whole different animal.


(Image Credits: FromSoftware/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Source: C0rvus's PS4

As i explained earlier this game does not hold your hand, or spoon-feed you. Unlike regular gaming conventions putting you smack in the middle of a plot and explain to you step by step whats going on, its not gonna be like that with this game. You find yourself in the middle of an unknown world, and the only way to understand what is going on is to go out of your way and find the answers yourself, by exploring and finding those pieces of lore scattered across the world.

This game is heavily influenced by the work of H.P.Lovecraft and his brand of cosmic horror and it shows. With the prevalent fear of the unknown, and greater powers being at work this game feels like it came straight out of one of his books.

While definitely not being conventional in its style of storytelling, i can promise you that this world created by Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, is one of the most expansive and detailed worlds i have had the priviledge to immerse myself into.


  • Brilliant action packed game-play.

  • Difficult but fair.

  • Elaborate skill building and weapon upgrading.

  • One of the most brilliantly crafted video game worlds and mythos.


Indigamer score 9.5/10

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