Area F2 (Mobile) : Worthy recreation of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege?

Area F2 is a multiplayer straight shooter for mobile devices on both Android and iOS with a 5v5 setup where Attackers face off against Defenders in a round based system . The game is very interesting as it is a direct recreation of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. But just how well has it been recreated? Let's find out by looking at some key features in the game.

(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

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(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Main Menu is very well done and i personally liked it better than Rainbow Six Siege's menu because it is interactive. The menu is also simple to use and right off the bat i was able to figure what was where. This is very important as i like to navigate and roam the menu for a bit before i start off with any game.

The 'SHOP' icon is on the left and offers many varieties of customizations for the agents and their weapons.

The 'AGENTS' icon is also placed on the left which displays all the agents available to be used in-game.

These are the various game modes:

(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

ROOKIE is where beginners learn to understand the game (below level 20).

CASUAL is both beginners and seasoned battling it out to win the match!

ROOM allows you to create a custom room and battle against your friends.

BOOTCAMP is a special training room where you can do a little warming up before engaging in battle.


Defense :

(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

Every round for a defender starts off with you inside the objective room (the objective can be a bomb, hostage or bio hazard container) and your mission is to protect it from the attackers. The 'Preparation Phase' where it is important reinforce soft walls like you see above (these soft walls can be broken by attackers using a grenade or breach charge). Practice makes you more in tune as to which soft walls are critical to be reinforced.

Tiny UAVs are sent by attackers to spot you and must be destroyed ASAP.

Next the defender can hold his/her ground inside the objective room or roam the map as more seasoned players do. Each defender is given a special gadget or ability which is key to victory when used properly.

Defenders can kill all the attackers to win the round or they should hold the objective tight and deny entry to the attackers as much as possible until the timer expires to win the round.

Attack :

(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

Each round for every attacker starts with you in control of an UAV, a device which is controlled by you via remote to search the map in hopes of finding the objective (the objective can be a bomb, hostage, or a bio-hazard weapon). In this preparation phase of the round, you will roam the map with this UAV to figure out where the objective is located.

Each Attacker gets an additional UAV just in case his original one is destroyed during the preparation phase. More seasoned players tend to hide their initial UAV somewhere around the objective to give them 2 UAVs every round.

The Attacker's mission is simple (theoretically, of course). Enter, Attack and Dominate. Secure Area rounds require the attacker to hold the objective without any defender in the room for a few seconds. Bomb rounds are where bombs have to defused with a defuser which every attacker is equipped with. Hostage situation rounds are won when attackers successfully extract the hostage.


(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

The graphics in game are very well optimized for mobile devices is what I felt playing on my android device. The game outputs 60fps at relatively high graphics settings which i will be sharing below.

These are the graphics settings we recommend on Android or iOS device for an optimal gaming experience (as played on my Samsung Galaxy S9+):

Note : These exact settings may not be suitable for lower end devices.

(Image Credits: Gookka Games) Source: LiquidSnak3's Samsung Galaxy S9+

Sound is a very important aspect of this game and we highly RECOMMEND you

to play this game with headphones/earphones as each footstep you hear is important in deciding where your opponent may be hiding!

Apart from this, the game offers 3D audio which gives you an immersive experience while playing with headphones/earphones.


  • Very enjoyable for mobile shooter enthusiasts and fantastic gameplay.

  • Good visuals and graphics.

  • Highly RECOMMEND to wear headphones/earphones.

  • Great game to play with your friends.

  • Yes, we conclude that Area F2 is a more than worthy recreation of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and an impressive mobile game overall.


Indigamer Score - 9/10

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